Thursday, 28 October 2010

I Love Greece

So today were released Greece inspired outfits and furniture, and the Starplaza and Suite Shop.

It's not the first time this happens in Stardoll, and you've probably guessed that there's a reason for them to choose Greece. Well today, October 28th, it's Ohi Day, a day that remembers the Greek rejection to an Italian ultimatum, in 1940.
If you are interested in knowing more about this day, click here.

Other than that, here are the clothes:

The price range is between 3 and 12 $, with only two Superstar exclusive pieces. In my opinion, the clothes are useless and hideous.
Those shoes are inspired by a very well known Greek designer, Sophia Kokosalaki, click here for the original versions.

And the furniture:

You can buy a miniature Akropolis (well, actually, the Acropolis was a part of each Greek city, what they have there is the Partenon) for 5 $, a Greece window for 4 $ and a Greece balcony for 15 $. All items are non superstar, and I like the Akropolis.

Well, I think it's good that Stardoll is supporting culture, but I find it unfair that only a few countries are selected. Do you agree with me?


  1. Congrats for sharing the CORRECT information girls! ;)
    I'm from Greece and I was happy to read this post (tough I hate these clothes :P)!
    I aggree that more countries should be selected, it would be more fair and interesting as well

  2. Thank you very much (:

  3. When will we have Portugal day??? 10 de Julho? LOL
    Wonder what they would choose, I tremble just to think about it...imagine our Galo de Barcelos for the whole world to laugh at but I digress.
    Actually bought the blue dress, like the flowyness of the fabric and the bags :)
    Bought the interior, which I think its a beautiful exterior :D and the Parthenon. Hey here goes another; o Templo de Diana lol

  4. Agreed! The Galo would be hilarious, I always found it quite stupid.

    They should either make one day dedicated to each country or no country at all.