Monday, 18 October 2010

Oh my.

This letter nearly have me a heat attack. Read it for yourself. I'm devastated. I'll copy it down here:
Hi black_mermaid!

We have come across your blog anarchyonstardoll and we would like to know if you are interested in collaborating with us on our next Fallen Angel collection release this week on Stardoll. We would like you to help us create head to toe outfits from the items in the collection and we will use that for the store window on Starplaza. We have sent a separare email to your blog's gmail address where we have attached a file with all the clothes and items and as you can see each item has a letter. With the letters you can pick the outfits you want. Please choose two outfits for the window display, and also we would like each one of you bloggers to pick out a separate outfit each that you will receive as gift. So please let us know who chose which outfit.

You will also get permission to publish the second image witht the collection we’re sending without the letters to publish in your blog.

We would also like to know if we can put your blog’s name on the window as “Inspired by Anarchy on Stardoll”?

Please note that we need a response from you tomorrow at the latest so please get back to us as soon as possible.

Yours truly

The Stardoll Content Team

The letter itself:
(I hope they won't cancel the request because I posted it here)
I'm all like


  1. Oh my! That's amazing indeed! ^^

  2. as everyone else said.. WOW O__O

  3. bl0gs name is 0n the p0ll that is in stard0lls h0me page =)

    and look at the stardoll poll!

  5. Holy crap! That's amazing!

  6. omfg I still can't believe it. This is AMAZING!

  7. Gratz guys!
    Anyways, if it was me it would have take like 2 seconds to reply with a big caps YES! lol

  8. we're planning on doing that too, but there's still some choices to be made, outfits to be created.. (:

  9. Absolutely amazing! I just checked out the doll and poll, then came here to congratulate you guys!

  10. Raven/Diamond_lilly19 October 2010 at 01:07

    OMFG awwweeessssooommmeee!!!!! :D *screams* *claps hands* YAYAYAYAY

  11. W - O - W 0__0
    I wish they could do this to my blog too *_*(but I don`t think so because my blog is in portuguese)
    that`s totally AMAZING!! Congratulations!!! ;D

  12. Congrtulations :D You guys totally deserve that *o*

  13. OMFG!!! Its awesome!!! Congrtulations!!

  14. CONGRATS! And just to say, i loveeeee these songs you put on this site!! i know most of these singers and i lov them and their music!! THX FOR PUTTING THESE SONGS ON!!★★★

  15. omggggggggg it's great....congrats...speechless