Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Free panda box + Opera House mystery

We have a new gift, a really cute trumpet playing panda.

And I'm not sure anyone noticed this, but Stardoll posted this:

(Blogger is stupid so click to magnify.)
To sum it up - we enter a special competition for interiors if we log in and open the gift every day, I think.


  1. I really love the panda. x3
    And for me the "letter" says: "4 keys rev...." and a lot of other people has the same and I don't really know why is the difference. :/ ~

  2. I've tried it on several accounts (at least ten) and it's always "4 keys ope.." so I'm not sure. maybe it's country related.

  3. Well, I have no idea, but my sis has the different message, so maybe it just comes random or dunno. ~